RMA with Replace, Repair & Refund (with Helpdesk)

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This application allows to create RMA from ticket for the replace, repair products or refund invoice

Edition: Odoo Community

App Description Page

RMA with Replace, Repair & Refund

Return Merchandise Authorization with Replace, Repair & Refund

RMA is a powerful tool for managing the request process of replace, repair or refund within the workflow. With multiple workflow option the module can function from the sale order and also from ticket management system (repair service module).

Through the helpdesk ticket and RMA module, the goods can be replaced, repaired or money can be refunded, if the goods are wrongly delivered or the customer receives damaged/defective goods. It provides an overview of the sales order with the sales order line, wherein a particular line (product) can be selected for exchange, repair or refund process.

This module also helps to exchange, repair or do the refund process for the service industries (repair service) directly through ticket management system. For e.g. In a service centre if a product comes for repair, the system check for product warranty and if it is not in warranty a RMA repair invoice is generated. In addition this module also handles the warranty for the spare parts used in repairing job. If the repaired product comes in for rework wherein the spare part used are to be replaced, which can be handled easily.

The RMA solution efficiently manages various operational in Odoo such as creating return receipt, delivery order, credit note, adjusting stock levels etc.

This module is compatible with

  • Community
  • Enterprise
  • Odoo.sh

Key Features

    Create predefined return reasons and set return type.
    The manager can approve or reject RMA request through Return Material Authorization Lines.
    With appropriate action, the product can be returned, replaced or repaired.
    Automatic inventory management on product return & replace.
    Delivery order, credit note and sales order are created automatically based on the selected action (return, replace, repair).
    Customer can view Delivery order/Credit note/Sales order from the website.
    Customer can chat directly through customer website login on a particular ticket with RMA responsible person.
    RMA details can be printed or they can be shared with customer through email.


RMA Return Type

To configure RMA return type, go to Sales/After-Sales Service/RMA Return Type.

User can create the predefined return type for product return with its suitable return action to be taken.

RMA Reaturn Reason

To configure RMA return reason, go to Sales/After-Sales Service/RMA Return Reasons.

For product return user can create the predefined return reason. It is important to set the maximum number of Return reason to avoid errors during RMA validations.

RMA from Ticket

To create new Ticket, go to Helpdesk/All Tickets/Tickets.

Fill-in all necessary information in ticket and request for new RMA.

Automatically creates new RMA request by clicking on "RMA" button and modify the details as required.

RMA details with Sales order

Check all RMA details and select related sales order and generate its RMA lines by clicking on 'Generate Lines' button.

Fields Description

Subject: Write the subject line related to the ticket subject or product return.
Responsible: Mention the user who is authorised to handle the RMA.
Date & Priority: Set the creation date of RMA. Set its priority by selecting 1, 2 or 3 stars- Low, High or Urgent.
Ticket: Select ticket related to RMA.
Source & Destination Locations: Select source and destination locations for inventory management.
Return Lines : When user selects Sales Order, the product details are fetched automatically in RMA lines. Enter the return quantity against delivered quantity, select reason for return and select return type.
RMA Note: Mention special note or any other inputs which are related to the product return.
Customer Info : Define customer name, email, mobile and phone number.

RMA Lines

Click on "Add a Line" link for adding sales order lines for defactive products or the products to be replaced.

After selecting lines click on "Generate Lines" button for generating RMA lines.

After generating lines, add return quantity against delivered quantity in quantity field and select reason and return type for the returned product.

The RMA details can be shared to the customer on email, on his approval the RMA gets confirm.

Fields Description

Product: Product which are need to be replaced or repaired.
Serial No: Select product serial number to identify actual product.
Delivered Qty: Delivered quantity is fetched automatically from the sales order.
Return Qty: Add product quantity to be return.
Return Type: Select return type from action to be peformed.
Reason: Select valuable reason for return product.

RMA Incoming Shipment

After RMA confirmation, two buttons will be visible, "Generate Receipt" and "Reject".

The receipt can be generated by click on "Generate Receipt" button. Once the receipt is validated, the user can select associated action related to "RMA reason".

The incoming shipment is automatically generated for all RMA lines, the actions are performed and the products are received in our location.

Helpdesk ticket and RMA will link automatically with incoming shipment for easy tracking.

RMA Reject

On rejecting an RMA, rejection notes can be entered for future reference. The customer can view the rejected reason through his ticket from the website.

RMA Scenarios

The most common scenario of RMA. Replace, Repair & Credit (Refund).
1. Replace: To create (replacement) product sales order
2. Repair: To create repair order
3. Credit(Refund): To create credit note.

Replace Process

Click on "Create Replacement SO" for creating replacement order.

When the product is same, the system will generate a sales order for the same returned product with delivery order for the new replaced product.

Repair Process

For creating repair order click on "Create Repair Order" button. the system will generate repair order for the product to be repaired and delivery order will be made after the repair work is done.

Credit Process

For creating credit note, click on "Generate Credit Memo" button. The system will generate credit note with all the details for the returned product.

RMA Status

Check RMA status lines with reason.


Print RMA information in PDF format.

RMA Details without Sales Order

Check RMA details fetched directly from helpdesk ticket. If required the details can be updated and create new RMA lines with product information.

RMA incoming shipment

On confirmed RMA, a receipt is generated through 'Generate Receipt' button. Once the receipt is validated, the incoming shipment is generated automatically for all RMA lines and it is linked with the ticket. After validating the incoming shipment, the products are received in the desired location.

Repair Process without Sales Order

For creating a new repair order, click on 'Create Repair Order' button. The system will generate a new repair order for the product to be repaired and delivery order will be made after the repair work is done.

RMA Status

Check RMA status lines with reason.


Print RMA information in PDF format.

RMA Analysis Report

Go to Sales/Reporting/RMA.

Generate RMA report with in-depth analysis through the pivot and graph view.

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