Landed Cost on Average Costing

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By using this module you will be able to use the landed cost scenario with Average Costing method

Edition: Odoo Community & Enterprise
Version: 12.0

App Description Page

Landed Cost on Average Costing

About Average Landed Costs
  • Average Landed Cost is the calculated value of your stockable products, using the Average Costing method.
    Formula: Total Costs / Total Units on Hand.

What is included in your Landed Cost?

  • The costs incurred in transporting an stockable item from the place of purchase to our premises. These might include: freight, insurance, duties, and so on. Landing costs should be included in the value of the stock; e.g. you might pay $100 to your supplier for an stockable item, but it also costs a further $50 in freight.

How is Average Cost calculated?                 

  • The Average Cost is a costing method; it is equal to the total cost / the total stock on hand.                     

This application enables automatic update of product cost prices for average costing methods. Product cost prices will be updated when stockable product is purchased, received and when landed cost is applied on that receipt picking.

 Key Features

  • Calculate Landed cost when product Costing Method is Average Cost (AVCO).
  • Application is compatible with community as well as enterprise.
  • Calculation is calculated as per Odoo standard logic.


Create Product Category by going to Inventory -> Configuration -> Products -> Product Categories. Fill details like Costing Method, Inventory Valuation and Account Stock Properties.

Inventory Valuation:

  • Costing Method : Average Cost (AVCO)
  • Inventory Valuation : Automated

Account Stock Properties:

  • Set 'Current Assets' type of account in Stock Input Account, Stock Output Account, Stock Valuation Account and Stock Journal.

Set Product Category in Product to Calculate Product Cost according to average costing method.

 Order Generation

Create A Purchase Order for product with category of average cost costing method.
Confirm that order and create a receipt (Picking).

 Receipt Generation

Transfer Receipt (Picking) to receive product quantity and update product cost price.

Now we can see, Product Cost is updated as per Average Costing Method.

 Apply Landed Cost

Create landed cost for transferred receipt (picking) and Validate it.

Product cost is updated as per average costing method after applying landed cost.

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