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The Odoo API is a RESTful web service and uses both the OAuth1 and OAuth2 protocols to authenticate 3rd party applications.

Edition: Odoo Community & Enterprise

App Description Page

The RESTful API that accesses Odoo using standard HTTP GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE methods and a simple JSON input and output format.

It uses both the OAuth1 and OAuth2 protocols to authenticate 3rd party applications.

The Odoo REST API endpoints can be used for a variety of purposes such as:

Odoo Version Information:

GET /restapi/1.0/common/version

Logging In:

OAuth1 Authentication
POST /restapi/1.0/common/oauth1/request_token (Temporary Credential Request endpoint)
GET /restapi/1.0/common/oauth1/authorize (Resource Owner Authorization endpoint)
POST /restapi/1.0/common/oauth1/access_token (Token Credentials Request endpoint)

OAuth2 Authentication
GET /restapi/1.0/common/oauth2/authorize (Resource Owner Authorization endpoint)
POST /restapi/1.0/common/oauth2/access_token (Token Credentials Request endpoint)

┬а Calling Methods:

Check Access Rights
GET /restapi/1.0/object/{object_name}/check_access_rights?operation={list_of_operations}

List Records
GET /restapi/1.0/object/{object_name}/search

Count Records
GET /restapi/1.0/object/{object_name}/search_count

Read Records
GET /restapi/1.0/object/{object_name}/{id} (Read Single Record)
GET /restapi/1.0/object/{object_name}?ids={comma_separated_ids} (Read Record Set)
GET /restapi/1.0/object/{object_name}/?domain={comma_separated_list_of_args} (Read Filter Records)

Listing Record Fields
GET /restapi/1.0/object/{object_name}/fields_get

Create Records
POST /restapi/1.0/object/{object_name}?vals={values_for_the_object's_fields}

Update Records
PUT /restapi/1.0/object/{object_name}/{id}?vals={fields_and_values_to_update} (Update Single Record)
PUT /restapi/1.0/object/{object_name}?ids={comma_separated_ids}&vals={fields_and_values_to_update} (Update Record Set)

Delete Records
DELETE /restapi/1.0/object/{object_name}/{id} (Delete Single Record)
DELETE /restapi/1.0/object/{object_name}?ids={comma_separated_ids} (Delete Record Set)

┬а Report Printing:

GET /restapi/1.0/report/{report_name}/{id} (Print Single Report)
GET /restapi/1.0/report/{report_name}?ids={comma_separated_ids} (Print Report Set)

Inspection and Introspection:

Provides information about Odoo models via its various fields (ir.model)
Provides information about the fields of Odoo models and allows adding custom fields without using Python code (ir.model.fields)

API Quick Reference Guide

Click Here for a quick reference guide to use the odoo REST API.

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