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Integrate coupon mechanism in sales orders.

Edition: Odoo Community

App Description Page

Sales Coupons

One of the best sales strategy is to provide discounts to shoppers so that they turn into customers and then turn into regular customers. Using Sales Coupon module, you can define various coupon rules, generate coupons, send coupons to customers. 

This module can be used by manufacturers of consumer packaged goods or by retailers, to be used in retail stores as a part of sales promotions.


  • Configure dynamic coupon rules.
  • Generate number of coupons based on customers, customer categories and generic.
  • Generate unique code for coupons.
  • Automatic send coupons to customers via mail.
  • Automatic expire coupons based on its validity.
  • Keep track of Sale Order in which coupon is used.
  • Limit maximum discount applicable on Sales Order.

Coupon Rules and Coupons

To configure Coupon Rule, go to Sales/Products/Coupon Rule.

Once coupon rule is confirmed, its coupons will be available for customers.

Fields Description

Reward:Type of reward
- Discount: Reward will be provided as discount on sales order
- Product: Free product will be provided as reward on sales order if product is already added in order lines
- Free Shipping: Shipping charges will be free as reward on sales order if shipping charges are applied
Apply Discount:Type of Discount
- Percentage: Entered percentage discount will be provided as reward on sales order
- Fixed Amount: Entered fixed amount discount will be provided as reward on sales order
Discount Apply:Discount to apply on
- On Order: Discount will be applied on whole order
- On Cheapest Product: Discount will be applied on the cheapest product of order
- On Specific Product: Discount will be applied on the selected specific product
Max Discount Amount:                      Maximum discount that can be provided on sale order.
If discount amount exceeds maximum discount of applied coupon, it will apply maximum discount amount.
Validity:The expiry date of coupon will be after entered number of days
If 0, coupon will have no expiry date
Website:Restrict coupon usage to this website
Based on Products:On purchase of selected product, reward will be given on sale order
Min Quantity:Minimum required product quantity to avail reward
Min Purchase Of:Minimum required sale order amount to avail reward

GENERATE COUPON option will open a wizard form to configure coupon generation details.


Fields Description

Generation Type:Choose option to generate coupon
- Number of Coupons: Generic coupons will be generated
- Number of Customers: Customer specific coupons will be generated
Based On:Choose option based on which coupon will be generated for customers
- Customers: Coupons will be generated for selected customers
- Customer Category: Coupons will be generated for customers of selected categories                     
Number of Coupons:Number of coupons to generate based on above configuration


Once coupons are generated, Coupons will be send to customer via Email automatically, if coupon is assinged to any customer.


SEND BY EMAIL option is used to manually send Email to customers.


Cancel option is used to cancel coupon rule.
It will open a wizard to enter cancellation reason.

Cancel Coupon Rule option will cancel the coupon rule and its related valid coupons.


Once coupon rule is cancelled, the cancellation reason is added to coupon rule under Cancellation Notes.

Expire option is used to expire coupon rule and its related coupons manually. Once coupon rule is expired, it cannot be reused again.

Sale Coupon Expire scheduler will run at configured time to expire coupons automatically based on its expiration date.


Coupon Application

Apply Coupon option in Sale Order will allow sales person to enter coupon code.
It will open a wizard to enter coupon code.

Apply Coupon option will apply coupon in Sale Order.


If coupon is valid, it will be applied on order.
If coupon is invalid, it will raise Warning specifying reason.
Reward lines will be added as per order lines grouped by applied taxes.


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