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Calculate Stripe Charge.

Edition: Odoo Community & Enterprise

App Description Page

Add Stripe Charge/Fees In Customer Payment

Stripe will allow you to charge payment fees to your customers whatever you can add fees in payment for calculate final amount. This way vendor can get net payment amount on his account.

For stripe amount calculation go to stripe calculator

 Stripe Charge Configuration & Calculation

 To Apply Charge, Needs to just increase the final payment amount you charge the customer, to account for the fees you are paying Stripe. However, as you increase the total amount you ask Stripe to charge, youРђЎre also increasing the Stripe fee, because StripeРђЎs pricing is a flat fee plus a percentage of the total charge amount. So youРђЎll need to figure out what gross amount you need to charge such that, after Stripe deducts its fee, you receive some predictable net amount. 


P.charge is how much you will have to charge in total, P.goal is how much you want to have transferred into your bank account after StripeРђЎs fees are applied. 
In the US (assuming standard US pricing of 2.9% + 30┬б per successful charge):
F.fixed = 30c = 0.30
F.percent = 2.9% = 0.029

This applies for any country that has only a fixed and percentage cost as part of StripeРђЎs pricing. So for example, in the UK, where StripeРђЎs pricing is 1.4% + 20p per successful charge, F.fixed would be 20p = 0.20, and F.percent would be 1.4% = 0.014.


 Auto Calculate Charge/Fees

 As per configuration system will Auto calculate charge/fees from total amount.

 Total Amount Reflect On Stripe Checkout Box

 Customer needs to pay total amount(payment + charge/fees).

 Odoo Payment Transaction

 Payment Transaction shows payment amount & fees.

 Stripe Payment Transaction

 Payment Transaction shows payment amount, fees & net.
Amount: Amount paid by customer.
Fees: Stripe Charge/Fees.
Net: Net amount receive by vendor.

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