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Manage Students, Faculties and Education Resources

Edition: Odoo Community & Enterprise

App Description Page

Education Management Information Systems

Our Education Management Information Systems functions provide you with complete control of school communications, resources and your data.

Education Management Information System (EMIS) is specially designed to monitor the performance of education programs offered by the institute and to manage the distribution and allocation of educational resources. Of course, in the field of education, EMIS has specific roles to help an educational institution grow.

Key Features

    Easily manage Parent/Child schools and manage it.
    Dynamically create course, standards, division, stages, students books, subjects.
    Manage student all history, like Medical, Academic, personal information and study related information.
    Maintain Teacher and students parent details and Teacher directly interact with parents and submit student study records.
    Standard wise manage students books and its fees.
    Manage Class Room and Classes as per assigned teachers and students.
    Create and send school Notice to teachers via mail.
    Allows Teachers to Create "Remarks and Mistakes" and send it to Student as per subjects.
    Generate Reports like Identity Cards, List of Student Details, Remarks and Mistakes, etc.
    Easy to use with different user roles.


To create new User, go to Settings/Users & Companies/Users.

At the time of users creation give proper rights to related user.

To create new School, go to Education Resource/Configuration/School.

Easily manage Parent/Child School records.

Maintain Manager and Principal history on school.


Course Management

To create new Stage, go to Education Resource/Configuration/Course Management/Stage.

To create new Course, go to Education Resource/Configuration/Course Management/Course.

To create new Batch, go to Education Resource/Configuration/Course Management/Batch.

To create new Student Book, go to Education Resource/Configuration/Course Management/Book.

Standards Management

To create new Standard, go to Education Resource/Configuration/Standards Management/Standards.

Maintain all students history as per standard, class and subjects.

To create new Divisions, go to Education Resource/Configuration/Standards Management/Divisions.

Defined available facility of division.

To create new Class Rooms, go to Education Resource/Configuration/Standards Management/Class Rooms.

To create new Classes, go to Education Resource/Configuration/Education Configuration/Classes.

Classes are maintain as per school wise. Class teacher and number of students and other information's are mention on related class.

Subject Management

To create new Subject, go to Education Resource/Configuration/Subject Management/Subject.

Manage Standard and Class Teacher history as per subject.

Education Configuration

To create new Hobby, go to Education Resource/Configuration/Education Configuration/Hobby.

Define it on student view.


To create new Language, go to Education Resource/Configuration/Education Configuration/Languages.

Define on student view, how many languages are aware of student.

To create new Religion, go to Education Resource/Configuration/Education Configuration/Religion.


To create new Student, go to Education Resource/Student.

Define all related information's on view and save student record.

To create new Student Invoice, go to Education Resource/Student/Create Invoice(Btn).

Invoice is created for student standard related assign books.


Notice Board

To create new Notice Board, go to Education Resource/Notice Board.

Notice Board related any updates, you can use "Send Notification Mail" button and send mail all subject related Teachers.


To create new Parent, go to Education Resource/Parent.

Create student parent record with necessary details with his students history.

Class Teacher

To create new Class Teacher, go to Education Resource/Class Teacher.


To Print Report List Of Students, go to Education Resource/Reporting/List Of Students.

List of students are print as per different filters.

To Report Analysis of Student(s) Remarks & Mistakes, go to Education Resource/Reporting/Analysis of Student(s) Remarks & Mistakes.

To Report Student(s) I-card, go to Education Resource/Student/Action/Print Id-Card.

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